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High-quality production of fiberglass parts - from helmets to mass production of emergency vehicle components.
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Optimized and flexible production of fiberglass

We specialize in subcontracting fiberglass parts that meet our customers' quality standards and specific requirements. Our complete production process enables us to quickly produce new parts on a large scale. The production of fiberglass parts requires expertise and opportunities to successfully carry out even the most complex projects.

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Technical expertise and quality
Savings on production costs and faster delivery
New technologies and materials

A fruitful idea becomes a reality

Our experienced craftsmen ensure that each production meets the highest quality standards and customer's specifications. Our technical expertise is essential for complex or technically demanding projects.

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Using our fiberglass material parts manufacturing process and resources helps reduce production costs and production time. You will maintain your competitive advantage and increase the speed at which your products reach the market. We have the flexibility to respond to increasing volumes.

Choosing our fiberglass parts manufacturing process and resources can significantly reduce production costs and time, enabling you to maintain a competitive edge and accelerate the speed of your product's entry into the market. Additionally, we can quickly respond to varying production volumes, providing you with the required flexibility.

New technologies and materials

Composite materials, such as fiberglass, have unique physical and chemical properties that can increase your products' durability and corrosion resistance while also making them lighter. We incorporate innovative technologies and new materials to continuously improve the quality of products and give you a competitive edge in the market. We offer consultation and guidance to help you explore the possibilities of composite materials.

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We offer a wide range of fiberglass-related solutions

Innovation and new technologies

We offer you access to the latest technologies and innovations in plastic part production, which helps improve product quality and performance.

Consultation and advice

We offer consultation and advice on the use possibilities of plastic composite materials, supporting you in implementing the latest technologies and best practices.


We have a supportive and continuously developing work environment that allows employees to commit to creating a quality and reliable product.

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Contact us if you need help and advice on implementing a fiberglass product or project. Let's work together to realize your ideas.

We have the specialists, knowledge, and technology to make your thoughts tangible, regardless of size, shape, or volume.

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